Oooohhh, my aching gums! March 22 2013

Oooohhh, my aching gums! Your baby may not be using words to communicate to you at such a young age, but he or she will certainly change the tone of their holler when those teeth start to erupt and cause an uncomfortable pressure on the underside of those swollen, aching gums. Any experienced parent will know this shift in tone can begin at any time and not necessarily within the textbook timeframe of 6-9 months. We always want our kids to be on track and hit the milestones when, or before (if you are an overachiever), the experts say it should happen. Teething is as individualized as your sweet cherub and you need not stress about the timing of it. As a parent to a new life, you have many other things to occupy your sleepless nights with, so check “when will my baby begin teething” off the list. It WILL happen and when it does, make no mistake, you will know it!

Many a year ago, when I was a little girl, I would play mommy to my menagerie of stuffed animals and dolls. I would feed and wash them, wrap them and rock them, cuddle them and burp them, play with them and sing to them but I never offered them comfort for their teething challenges. I didn’t know how to help them through it, so in my make believe four year old world, it wasn’t a parenting problem. Too bad real life doesn’t work off that philosophy…if I can’t fix it, then it doesn’t exist. Your reality as a parent to a new baby is that teething is hard, and very uncomfortable to a wee soul that only knows the pleasure of a suckle and a warm cuddle and soft kiss from someone that loves them. Sucking is how our littlest ones find comfort and make sense of this new thing called life. That very action can also increase the pressure below the gum line and subsequently increase the pain.

Many a parenting book exists to get you through the trials of babyhood. If you can’t find it there, ask a mom friend that considers herself fully practiced and capable in that arena. You’re sure to find way more advice then you need or want. While weeding through it all, hold your sweet cherub close, put on your favorite Gumigem necklace and let the magic begin! Baby will gravitate to the comfort of the soft, flexible silicone and naturally explore it with his/her mouth. Silence may follow. Entertainment may begin. Much needed relief will come as biting down on the Gumigem will balance the pressure felt below the gums from those pesky pearls trying to make their way to the surface. And you may find a moment of calm to look down and take in the pleasure of your newest gift, your bundle of love!