The litecup was created by a parent who wanted a better cup for his children!


From his studio in Putney South West London he started working on a drinking valve that could be non spill
but also provide the most natural drinking experience possible.

He created the litecup!


Effective non spill valve minimizes life's frustrations and clean up time from drops, tipping, and spilling.
360 cup edge means you can drink from anywhere round the rim.
Free flow natural drinking started by a small suck.



Great for travel and/or camping.

Nicely sized for little hands!

Integrated night-light.
LED light provides a soft blue light.
Each litepack lasts up to 3 months - Battery is replaceable.
Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe after removing the "litepack".
Suitable for all non fizzy, cold drinks.
Not intended for microwave use.

Great for children or any member of the family looking to access the non spill function. May leak if shaken.


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