About Us


Have you found that since having a baby your favorite jewelry is no longer ideal? Have tiny hands put that favorite piece straight to the mouth for a nibble or chew? You no longer have to worry about your baby using an unsafe piece of jewelry to soothe their teething needs or having your favorite piece destroyed by a teething baby.
Made from FDA approved materials, GUMIGEM® is silicone jewelry designed to provide mom a stylish accessory and baby an entertaining and soothing chew experience. Offering a variety of trendy designs and a full range of colors, you and your baby are sure to find the right one (or two or three) to fit your needs. Because we will not compromise on our commitment to a safe, quality product we make certain our silicone jewelry meets the required safety standards and is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free. We have the certificates of conformity to prove it and invite you to request a copy at any time!
GUMIGEM® pendants can be removed from the cord and can easily be washed by hand with warm, soapy water or placed in a steam sterilizer or the top shelf of the dishwasher. Our other necklaces can be washed by hand with soap and water or ran through the dishwasher for an appropriate cleaning. Pendant necklace cords can be removed and cleaned on their own and left to dry in a warm place. All necklaces come on a long, comfortable cord with a breakaway clasp to provide an extra measure of security to mom and baby (the clasp should not be chewed).
GUMIGEM® provides you the greatest variety of silicone teething jewelry. Our products make great baby shower gifts for an expected mother or can be used as a creative way to announce a new pregnancy to girlfriends, sisters or grandmothers that will also care for the baby! Additionally, GUMIGEM® items are a perfect way to entertain busy little hands during breastfeeding time. GUMIGEM® ... for mom to wear and baby to enjoy!



GUMIGEM ® was created by Jenny McLaughlan, mom of two from Birkhill, Scotland.

Jenny came up with this idea while on maternity leave with her second child in early 2010. He was a big teether and grabbed at everything, then the idea struck her. After months of research and development GUMIGEM® was born. This was a long process that finally resulted in developing a necklace that is a nice piece of jewelry, but has a dual function as a safe teething item for your baby. Jenny has already developed the range further and intends to continue this by adding more shapes and designs. Jenny's passions are her two children and her husband, and when she has a spare minute, she enjoys the outdoors, particularly snowboarding.



In January of 2013, we decided it was time to bring the playful, yet practical, GUMIGEM® product line to America. We are a husband and wife team that believes hard work and dedication will be rewarded immeasurably with satisfied, content customers. As parents of 3 young children, including twins, we recognize the importance of quality products that entertain and aid baby while offering a quick assist to mom and dad. Knowing the importance of a solid work ethic, we include our children in our business venture. What better way to offer a child a quality product than offer it up to the kids for comments and suggestions. We are committed to making your GUMIGEM® purchase experience one that you will want to rave about with others. Should you have a comment or concern that you want us to know, please drop us a line at info@gumigemusa.com. Continue to visit as we continue to expand the product line.


WARNING: GUMIGEM® necklaces are not considered toys. Due to the long cord and risk of strangulation, babies should only use necklace while it is worn by an adult and under adult supervision. GUMIGEM® bangles are suitable for babies to use from birth as they do not have the cord feature. Our bangles carry the CE mark. Remember to check all jewelry frequently for any irregularities and discard the product if damaged.